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Website speed optimisation FAQ

Website speed optimisation FAQ

How do I optimise my website speed?

Depending on the platform your site is built on, there are a range of options available which allow you to optimise your website’s performance. This can include compressing images, using a content delivery network (CDN), reducing code, minimising HTTP requests, browser caching and ensuring you have fast and reliable hosting.

What are the benefits of website speed optimisation?

It’s important because it can help improve user experience, and search engine rankings, by ensuring your website loads faster. Faster loading times can also improve conversion rates, since visitors won’t become frustrated when waiting for content to appear on their screens.

Website speed optimisation is critical to guaranteeing your website loads quickly for users. It boosts the user experience, making it more probable that they’ll make a purchase on your site and come back again. Optimising speed also enhances mobile performance of your site. In an intensely competitive online landscape, a swift website can be the decisive factor in how users judge your brand and services.

How does page speed affect SEO?

Page speed can have a significant effect on the performance of a website in search engine rankings. Load time is an important factor to consider when trying to optimize for SEO, as slow page loads can lead to lower search engine results. Fast-loading pages offer a better user experience and are therefore more likely to obtain higher positions in search engine results.

In 2018 Google announced that page speed could be a factor affecting website rankings. But fast forward to 2023, and this has become part of an umbrella ranking signal, known as page experience. Not only can a slow page speed damage the health of your site, it can also hurt your SEO efforts.

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