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Backup Migration

Backup Migration Plugin for WordPress

Backing up your site or migrating your website has never been simpler!

In addition, the option to schedule backups is available. This allows you to set up automatic backups on a weekly or daily/monthly basis.

Take advantage of a diverse range of configuration choices:

  • Creating a backup of the entire website
  • Choose customized backup generation, incorporating sophisticated exemption criteria
  • The procedure for restoring backups
  • The steps for migrating a website
  • Scheduling automatic backups
  • Managing backup files
  • The external storage location for backups on Google Drive
  • Creating a staging site can be done both locally and on TasteWP

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This plugin serves as a comprehensive solution for both migrating your site to a new host and restoring a local backup.

Great support provided in the Support Forum. They are always delighted to assist with any questions!

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