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Are you looking for a website that will set you apart from the competition? Look no further than Marketing Solutions.

Our professional websites are designed to make your brand shine and attract potential customers.

Don’t settle for an average website, contact us today and let’s elevate your online presence together!

For a low monthly cost, we provide an easy solution for small businesses to establish an online presence without the hassle of creating and managing their own website alongside their regular work. Our service ensures that being online is effortless for your business.

Affordable service.

Have a clear understanding of your monthly service expenses, free from any undisclosed fees or additional costs.

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Put your trust in our skilled team to handle the technical aspects of your website design right here, within our own in-house team.

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We guarantee that your website will be fully optimised for mobile devices, allowing you to connect with all of your potential customers.

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To kick off, it is important for us to become acquainted with you and your business as well as the specific message you wish to convey to potential customers. By collecting this information, we will be able to swiftly construct and launch your new website in just a few weeks’ time.

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Our streamlined interview process allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business and the services you offer.

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Our team creates a tailor-made website that perfectly suits your business, and we also offer one round of revisions to ensure it meets all your needs.

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Direct your domain name to our server and select a specific date to announce your online presence, signaling that you are ready to start operating in the digital sphere!

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Stay connected with your business by utilising our support service, which handles website updates on your behalf.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to provide quick and efficient responses to frequently asked questions that you may not have even considered.

Frequently, websites are hastily developed and then overlooked, becoming a daunting task to keep the content up-to-date. By paying our monthly fee, you can guarantee that someone will always be on hand to promptly make any necessary modifications for you.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service that guarantees swift and dependable implementation of any changes. By restricting access to website modifications, we ensure a consistent, secure, and stable platform for your site.

Absolutely! We ensure thorough testing of website pages on mobile and tablet devices, including different orientations, along with desktop computer web browsers. Our utilisation of industry standard technology helps us minimise any potential issues.

The completion time for a new website can vary from 2-6 weeks, depending on various factors. Availability of appropriate photos and written content greatly influences the duration. If you lack these materials, we can connect you with skilled individuals who can assist in fulfilling those needs.

New customers are required to sign a 12-month lease initially, which will automatically transition into a month-to-month agreement after the first year. In the event that you wish to terminate your contract, kindly inform us via email with at least 30 days’ notice.

Any additional assistance or content revisions beyond the allotted monthly plan will incur a fee of £30 per half-hour, with a minimum charge of 30 minutes.

To discontinue your contract, kindly notify us via email with a 30-day notice.

Upon cancellation, your website will be removed from our server along with its content.

Please note that the website design and content are owned by us, except for any assets you have provided such as photos, videos, and text.

However, you will retain ownership of the domain names which can be transferred elsewhere if desired.

Every month, invoices are released and payment is arranged via bank transfer.

Marketing Solutions made the complicated simple for me. I never knew where to start with SEO until I started using this service. Literally, I more than doubled my traffic when I started using this.
Heather Figi
Music for Young Violinists
Without Marketing Solutions I would never have been able to have my website on the first page of Google for all the keywords that are linked to my business, its ease of use and the customer service when I’ve needed help has been first class.
Ian Glass
Ian Glass Fitness





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