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Twitter Marketing Can Drive Customers To Your Websites Fast

If you want to go where the networking is hot – Twitter is the destination. It’s more than a social networking site; it’s a micro-blogging service that solves a huge problem of sweating out the little stuff. That’s an excellent reason why it needs to be protected by spammers and other black hatters. The new marketer is treading on thin ice there because it’s a lot easier than you think to make a mistake that takes the wind out of your sails. At Twitter you can immediately start working on a good business foundation, even though you won’t see swarms of traffic immediately. It’s fine to let people see your business related links, but overkill with it will turn people off. People will not necessarily trust you, right away, because they want to know if you’re for real, not a spammer, etc. There are simple but serious mistakes you’ll never want to commit, and like any other form of marketing you’ll need to prepare before engaging.

In this article we will be discussing about real-world Twitter marketing mistakes made by many marketers.

Don’t try to convince people how great you, your company or your products are. People are least concerned how much time you put into your product and why it’s so sophisticated. People are mainly concerned about the way your product can benefit them. In other words, you have to focus on the customer. You have to make yourself secondary when marketing on twitter. Discuss what your followers can gain from your product and keep your own ego in check. When they hear about the benefits, they can take the next step and seek more information. Just remember that you want your readers to feel important when they read your messages.

Another mistake is being too shy to ask your followers. It’s ok and best to be open and direct sometimes. You’re using Twitter to ultimately get the most out of your marketing campaigns, make sales and earn money.

You’re perfectly within your rights to send offers to a list if you have taken the time to build relationships and you give them good value. Of course, with tweets, you should carefully think about what you’re doing when you include promotions in your tweeting. So just realize that if you’ve done your part the right way, then it’s a green light for an occasional promotional tweet.

Twitter is a social media property, so that implies the need to socialize with others. Try not to be snobbish. Just be casual, relaxed, and cool with the people in your niche – don’t talk about your promotions of offers. Make every effort to help people after you listen to what they have to say about any problems. What this is called is building a relationship, or making a positive connection with your market. The method of marketing on Twitter is to not market.

If there’s one thing that you need to do to avoid the majority of the mistakes with Twitter, then it is to take it slow. If you rush and hurry, then you’ll be setting yourself up for mistakes. Be patient and perseverant, and soon you’ll find success with it.

If your website marketing efforts go well with your Twitter marketing efforts you may want to consider eventually selling your business for profit. However selling my sites isn’t always my end goal. Sometimes I want to keep them . One of my websites took me a long time to build up to rank for its keywords. In that case I just wanted to hold on to it.The example site I am talking about was ranking for the search term of used appliances.It has been a long road   I know that my hard work to build these sites will pay off…I just need to be willing to let the search engines work their magic. Even though you will no doubt get discouraged, please don’t give up. Your work will be rewarded.

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