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Twitter and Internet Marketing

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Twitter is a service that has seen vastly increasing popularity. Pretty much everybody who’s anybody has a twitter account nowadays. Everyone from teenagers to celebrities is using twitter to communicate, entertain and have fun. And now, there are a number of Internet marketers capitalizing on this great promotional opportunity.

Twitter can be used in a lot different ways to help build your business and give you more sales. It’s possible, when you join the site, you’ll want to go full speed ahead using the service. The good news is, Twitter isn’t going to close their doors anytime soon, so you have ample time to perfect your promotional skills. To start with, we’ll give you a couple of quick tips.

Remember when issuing press releases was the best way to let people know about promotions and new projects? The old model saw you penning lengthy paragraphs describing your business and products and then submitting them to press outlets for release. You might have even faxed them to local media outlets. Twitter offers you the same service but you only need to use 140 characters. If you have the right tags on your tweets, then you might reach a million or more people in just a few seconds. You can even use twitter to link to a more traditional press release.

Or, is your business planning an upcoming happening? Want to make sure people attend an offline event or online sale that you’re thinking about offering? Twitter will let you easily promote it!

The great thing about Twitter is that what you tweet can be re-tweeted. People who follow you can re-post what you posted. In such a way, you are able to interact with additional numbers of people all the while you are increasing your audience. If you learn how to use the hash tag feature properly, you could bring in hundreds of new followers and event attendees. You’ll have all of these potential buyers thinking about purchasing your products and services.

Request your followers feedback on anything you offer, whenever you begin selling a new product or begin marketing a new service. In such a way, you will better create conversations between your prospect purchasers and yourself. Your followers will appreciate that you are interested in their opinions. You can also send messages that have nothing to do with marketing. Followers should find it refreshing that you are giving them more than just an endless series of codes for new promotions. Knowing who you are buying a product from always comforts people more. Using twitter to make conversations with your potential buyers will allow them to better understand you.

There is absolutely no question that Twitter can certainly boost your clientele. Twitter can be of assistance to those attempting to generate web traffic and also to those hoping to draw potential customers. Quite frankly, with all the positive benefits Twitter has proven to produce in recent months, to not get in on this action is JUST PLAIN FOOLISH! The service is free and for only a few characters, you can reach a whole new area of the online marketplace. Leaving any market untapped is bad business sense. Establishing an account costs nothing and can be done almost immediately. It only takes a minute to expand your outreach to countless numbers of new customers.

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