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The Advantages of Creating a Mailing List in Website Selling

If you’re attempting to set up a website flipping business, creating a mailing list is an effective way to gain more notice. Just like any online business, you’re going to have competition and standing out is important. Having a website makes you look like a dedicated pro in the business and might get you some subscribers who are interested in knowing what sites you’re currently offering for sale or working on.

So what really is a mailing list and how does it work? You start off with having your own page and then it’s all a matter of offering a mailing list to people who drop by your page. If someone opts to subscribe to your feeds, they will be included in the list and will then get emails on your current offerings, and will be updated on any projects you’re working on. Everything is automatic so once the system is set up, you won’t even need to do anything else.

The process is pretty simple when you create your mailing list but what should come first is putting up the site or webpage where potential followers of your feed can subscribe. The site need not be all that fancy; even a single page site will work because the readers can then sign up to your mailing list right away. It’s still important however, to come up with a presentable looking page so that buyers can see you as a credible source. Keep your domain name short and simple. If you can add a couple more pages, an About Me section or a listing of your previously sold sites would work as well.

At first glance, you may not appreciate right away the advantages that a mailing list can bring. However, this could come in really handy when you’ve already made some previous sales. For instance, a company that has bought one of your sites before, might be interested in getting more or putting up another site for another line of business. If the first transaction had been a satisfactory experience for that company, they could already consider you as a reliable source. The people behind this company would not want to waste precious time and effort finding a good site or a good source, if they already have ready options. That first option could be you.

Having a mailing list isn’t necessary if you’re just looking to sell a couple sites a month and make a few dollars. But once you get established in the business, you might find that a mailing list not only helps you earn more money, but it provides a solid base in the website flipping business. Creating a mailing list is a great way to help potential buyers find you and a great way to show them that you have been doing this for a while and you are a reliable source for their buying needs, both now and in the future.

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