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Have you heard yet   what search engine optimization is all about ? Well If you  happen to be the unproud recipient   of  an unsuccessful   website  that is heading  in the wrong direction  in the search engines ,  gather round  . Search engine optimization commonly abbreviated   to SEO is the process  by which you can make your website  perform favourably   in the search engines. Sometimes even  right to the No 1 spot.  What’s the point   of having a website online  that sells cosmetics if there are no visitors going to   your actual  highly stocked website.

So how do internet browser navigate to your website? By and large  by the substance of a search engine. The most used   search engine of them all is Google. The stats  Statistics show that   70% of all users in the the states rely on   Google as their main search search provider . But in   the UK this figure is closer to 90%.The common web   browser usually proceeds  by looking up queries in Google and types exactly what they are looking for into the search box. This in essence is what the big G primarily  primarily does, provides solutions to problems.  So if   someone was looking for a new pair of Diesel jeans . Google’s database  will show up 10 websites per page. So  which website do the overwhelming majority of users go to first? Theone that sits at number 1 .

Of course a browser can sometimes press the back button if they feel they are not getting what they are looking for in a quick fashion . But that doesn’t matter if they actually find what they  went for  in one of the first few sites. Happy customers equal paying customers.  That is why it’s super important to have your site at the or very close to the top of Google. So what’s the best way to do this? There are standard proven practies and modern techniques that have been carried out time and time again.

Basically there are two industry standard ways to perform SEO.  You can carry out  this yourself or pay someone who specializes in seo services . One school involves  on-page optimization which refers to addressing areas on your own website. The other is referred to as off-page optimisation.  This tackles promoting your website via other sites. On-page optimisation can be quite a technical intent. For it to be decently carried out, a little cognition about how websites are structured is required.

The off-page optimization work involves you building back links to your online site from other sites . A more beneficial scenario is to build back links from websites that are of the same niche as yours. What is also all important at this time is to have the appropriate anchor text scripted inside the link.  What i mean is say you want to rank exceedingly in Google for the keyphrase   “sports injury massage Wyoming” you build up a lot of anchor text related links pointing at your site with the words  “sports injury massage Wyoming” spelt out in it.  All a backlink is, is a little bit of website html code that you can attach words to it.  The words increase your overall website presence in the search engine rankings.  You just need a fair amount of them usually, from high quality sources on a frequent basis.

If the thought of all this is very strange  to you then you should have a meeting with a professional search engine optimization agency. They can explain the process in front of you with the aid of a computer screen so you can understand it to an acceptable level . A clued up search engine optimization company  can save you a lot of time, money and effort and perform all the hard tasks such as the    on page and off page work. There are also some links you should build and l;inks you should not and other processes to entirely avoid . Conduct as much research as you can  into the area of search engine optimization   and start to regularly perform it even on a minuscule  scale. Then when you are ready you can speed up the procedure by working with a  prominent seo rankings company .

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