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Prevent Google Slapping You for Linking Blunders

Building the best linking is crucial for any online business marketing campaign. Your greatest chances of a high page 1 position will result from quality backlinks. Lacking in quality, relevant backlinks to your site will only result in little traffic from the engines. In the mad rush to find links, so many marketers make common, yet costly, mistakes. These mistakes may not seem like much, but the effects they have on your business can be serious. If you have any desire to have a great relationship with the search engines, then you’ll want to be aware of and avoid the following mistakes.

It would be a mistake to forego a text link using a keyword anchor text and use an image for a link, instead. Marketers make many mistakes in their marketing because they’re in a hurry to get results. Anchor text errors fall into this group. An image link can get you more traffic if it’s done right, it’s always best to have relevant keywords in anchor text for SEO purposes.

This is often ignored because some think an image link is better, but that’s not always true. In the end, your traffic will be more targeted due to the keywords in your text links. Search engines give higher SEO scores to relevant keywords in anchor text. There’s nothing wrong with an image link, but use it if it’s the only alternative.

And also there are times when you find a good link, but then the anchor text is all wrong. It doesn’t make a big difference to your link popularity when you get links from high page rank pages, but the anchor text is useless and has something like “Click here!” in it. Anchor text made up of relevant keywords is the best way to go.

If you get a backlink and it doesn’t have your keyword in the anchor text, the search engines would rank it for the wrong keywords, which can get you a penalty too. There are many marketers who assume that what matters is the link and not the anchor text, which isn’t right. The keywords you decide to use in your anchor text are just as important as having a backlink. The best approach is to determine which keywords you want to rank for, and then use them as anchor text.

Overall, you’ll gain far better results from a link building strategy that avoids these common mistakes. Your search engine rankings will begin to improve as you begin to attract more quality backlinks.

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