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Never Make These SEO Mistakes if You Want To Succeed

Many new marketers and webmasters are not really aware of how exactly SEO works. SEO is powerful and if you arm yourself with even the basics, you will have a huge advantage over most other websites. The internet is a world in itself and millions of people enter it to find information that they are desperate the get their hands on. If you are not leveraging search engine traffic for your business, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. The simple equation is high ranking = money. One of the best ways to succeed with SEO is to learn what not to do. Remember that SEO doesn’t have any short cuts and if you do see any, then they won’t last long and you’ll ultimately get de-indexed.

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Number one mistake: terrible on-site SEO, it not only helps you rank well but helps your visitors navigate your site better. This is an important part of your whole SEO strategy and is completely in your control. On-page SEO is how you arrange the elements on your site to rank well in the search engines. All of this may sound daunting but it’s not, on-site optimization is very simple and basically boils down to putting things in a logical order, and with the proper words attached. You need to be sure to add your keywords to the page titles, in the navigation, and in the ALT tags. The search engines are big on creating the best experience for their users and on-site optimization helps with it tremendously. Many of your competitors will be utilizing onsite optimization so you will have to bring out the big guns.

If you don’t perform your keyword research correctly then your entire campaign will be worthless. If you don’t research your keywords well enough and don’t have a strong keyword list, it spoils your optimization efforts. Have fun trying to convert untargeted visitors; it is almost impossible to do. Basing your site around words that aren’t being searched is a fast way to not see any results. Keywords are how people search and how the search engine determines which sites to show in the results, so they should be one of your main priorities. The key is to locate lower competition keywords and to build your content around them. There are a number of free keyword tools that you can use to generate relevant keywords for your site.

A new course is causing quite a buzz in the Internet Marketing community and you can find more information about this on the abundance showcase.

Many people either forget or don’t know that there content must be formatted in such a way for the search engines to find it relevant. Another basic SEO strategy is to present the search engines with content that answers the questions of what a searcher is looking for and to format it in a predetermined way. Bad content will not rank well in the major search engines. Your articles and posts should be no less than 300 words and have a keyword density of 3%-5%. The page title should match the keywords of the specific content. Avoid any form of keyword stuffing in your content as it can harm your ranking.

Search engine optimization is a brilliant way to drive free traffic to your website and can give you great long term results. SEO is not a quick fix but when it works, it really works and for a long time too. Sometimes the best things are worth waiting on. There is no magic SEO button it’s all about the fundamentals, stick with them and I guarantee that your site will stick around longer than the people who only take shortcuts.

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