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Link Building – The Only Way To Get Your Site Traffic

Today, SEO link building is among the most popular methods that experts use to help reach a website’s positioning goals. There is no questioning the fact that certain types of backlinks play a major role in getting your site on the first page of search engines and keeping them there for a long time. Is it worth it? The more people that see your offer; the more opportunities to make a sale. Everyone that depends on the search engines for traffic place a lot of emphasis on link building to get their sites ranking higher, and because of this there is a lot of confusion and disagreement about what works or not. Sadly, most link builders are going after it the wrong way. You need to watch what site you link from because many may not you help at all.

Some of the resulting links can work against your site. The most important part of building links to your site is doing it in a natural way. The search engines are designed to pick up on any “unnatural” patterns and will always penalize you when your site is breaking the rules. Every search engine’s aim is to reward quality sites that are good enough to get links naturally. Starting off on the right foot can be daunting if you aren’t used to the process but it pays off big time down the road. The usual link building strategy, which is also the wrong way, is to go out and place your site’s link on all the sites that you can get away with. You are doing nothing but hurting yourself with these methods.

You can find out some of the techniques to avoid in the following paragraphs.

I’ve had good success with building links for SEO rankings for a few of my sites, but I must admit it was not easy waiting for the sites to get results. Just when I thought that my own sites were not benefiting from the SEO I had done, out of nowhere they started to show results.

This is actually a very silly mistake that many make: getting quality links but with irrelevant anchor text. Combining your keywords as anchor text with a high PageRank site, you can work wonders for your website but for some reason many people use anchor text that is completely irrelevant to their site: links such as “Click Here” and “Learn More.” So, a simple SEO rule to remember is to always use your main keywords as anchor text when backlinking. By not using this simple technique you will devalue your backlinks. A page that doesn’t serve as a home to hundreds of other backlinks is far more valuable than a page that does. During your link building efforts you will come across pages known as “link farms” that have 200 or more links on them; when you do, hit the back button. But some directories that will assign “no-follow” tags to every link; it still applies and the search engines won’t count them.

The basic criteria you want a site to have before getting a link is to make sure it is relevant to your topic and has a high PageRank. Put in the time and effort instead of falling for scammy fast result promising link building services. This always pays in the long run, as it’s the safest approach. As the search engines grow smarter and more advanced, the smart thing for you to do is to give it what it wants instead of trying to cheat it.

All in all, the mistakes that you think are simple in nature can take your whole link building campaign down with them. If you follow these tips, you should be able to avoid most of the more common link building errors.

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