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Google Analytics 3 Will Stop Working

Google Analytics 3 Will Stop Working

Google Analytics 3 is going to cease functioning soon. It will no longer be available and users must switch over to the latest version.

Google Analytics 3 will become obsolete on July 1st 2023, so it’s best to get ready now. Here are the steps you need to take to ensure a smooth transition.

If you’ve checked your Google Analytics recently, you may have noticed the notification.

Universal Analytics will no longer accept data after 1 July 2023, so take action now and switch to Google Analytics 4. No time should be wasted in setting up the new property.

Google recently made an announcement that has caused alarm among the SEO community: Google Analytics 3 (otherwise known as Universal Analytics) will be shut down from July 1, 2023.

Google made an announcement about Analytics 3 and Analytics 4. The latter was designed for use across multiple platforms and doesn’t need cookies for data collection. For additional information, read the full announcement.

We advise you to adopt GA4, even if it is with some hesitation. The sooner you do it, the better.

What is the reasoning behind this decision? What is the motive behind it? Why are we making this choice?

You have until July 1st 2023 to gather and utilise data through your Universal Analytics property. After that, UA will no longer process new hits. To enable easy comparison of your 2023 traffic stats with the previous year’s figures, we advise you to begin setting up your GA4 properties now. This will give you extra time to familiarise yourself with the new interface and the changes in store.

If you’d like us to aid you in the move to Google Analytics 4, let us know.

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