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Taking E-commerce to Global Levels

Use of the Internet has grown and spread rapidly during the last decade and with worldwide usage it is time to fully embrace this wonder of our age and use it to take our e-commerce enterprises to reach new and exciting global levels. E-commerce is spreading like a bush fire in a high wind and […]

Graphic design is all around you

As you read your morning paper, commute to work, go to a restaurant for lunch, walk down the road, it’s there. It can refer to a number of artistic and professional disciplines which focus on visual communication and presentation. Graphic design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas to help […]

How to Promote Your Online Store

Many people in ecommerce worry when their store doesn’t do as well as they first hoped it would and often have major doubts about its future. If this sounds all too familiar you will need to look seriously at how to promote your online store, especially if it is not showing up in the search […]

Get Ready to Improve Your E-store Sales

What do you do if sales for your online store are slow or worse still non-existent? Is your store suffering from a real lack of repeat business? Do you find that many customers are simply visiting and then leaving – never to return? You can’t understand it, you have a great site, offer fabulous products […]

Why Picking the Right Niche For Your Online Store is Important

There is no doubt that setting up a shop on the internet can generate some sort of revenue almost immediately, but only if you pick the right niche for your online store. Very often, finding just the right market to pursue is the hardest part of starting your store. The first question that you need […]

The Importance of a Good Content Management System

Let’s face it without a good content management system your e-commerce site is in serious danger of failing; incorrect prices, outdated product news and even typographical errors can soon undermine the credibility of your business. E-commerce websites are opening up new opportunities for online marketing every day but nowadays everything is conducted at such speed, […]

Why E-Commerce Software Opens the Door to Personal Opportunity

In today’s uncertain world there is no doubt that making the decision to sell online is a big step but by choosing the right business opportunity you can undoubtedly change your whole life. This is because working with top class e-commerce software such as WooCommerce opens the door to great personal opportunity. However setting up […]

Choosing the Best Shopping Cart Software

At Zen Cart Web Design we recognize that almost every type of online shop needs professional e-commerce solutions, available at the touch of a button. Zen Cart Modules and Zen Cart Addons are prime examples of how state-of-the-art software can address your business needs efficiently and yet so simply. All the products shown on our […]

Why Good Design is the Life Force of Profitable E-Commerce Sites

So you have a great range of products you can’t wait to show the world and just as soon as your new website is up and running you can start getting rich. After all you just need to do is throw it up using a free or cheap template and then sit back and collect […]

How to Make E-Commerce Profit From Overseas Customers

While we all love the ease of selling stuff in our own country and indeed some of us may even be confirmed Euro-sceptics, there is no doubt that a sale is a sale and in the end once someone takes their credit card out to buy something, no-one much cares where the customer comes from. […]