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All IM marketers should realize the importance of their website design in the marketing process. It’s not like you can put just anything up, never updating it, and then think you’ll make good money from it. If you’re an online marketer, than you know very well that nothing in this business is as straight-forward and simple as it looks. Well.. at least you can rest assured that it’s not tough to turn your site into something that will help you earn money on the web. If you take some time and follow some simple guidelines, your website will have a much greater effect on your visitors. Let’s find out what measures you can put into place right away so your site can become more powerful.

It’s a good idea to verify that your code is done right. Many internet marketers use free website templates, but to give your site a unique appearance you’ll have to make some changes to the code. This really just involves a few simple changes to the code, and you don’t have to be an expert to do this.

The thing about coding, however is that it has to be exact; check for any breaks, typos or other mistakes that could cause big problems in your site. Code that has not been entered correctly could cause your website to load improperly or to not load at all. You can use the CSS Validator to check for mistakes that you may have missed.

Don’t go overboard with the fonts. It’s likely that when you first start building websites that you’ll feel like using many different fonts to express your creativity. Remember that websites with many different fonts are harder for visitors to read, as they have to keep readjusting their eyes to the different styles. While using one or two fonts can be good for decoration, any more than that screams “amateur!” The fonts you do use should be easy to read. Anything too curly, swirly or based on pictures is a bad idea. Remember, you want your site to be easy to read. Having your site readable is more important than impressing people with your creativity.

A fast loading website is the way to go – never slow loading. Everyone hates slow-loading websites, and you’ll lose potential buyers if your’s does. If you make them wait for too long they’ll just move on to another site. So make sure your website code is well-written, and also optimize your graphics and cut back on them if you have to.

You can actually build a quality, profitable website without any special skills nowadays. With a little bit of time and effort you can build a great website. It’s fairly easy to figure out what will and won’t work on your website. In most cases, you can trust your own judgment to tell you if something will be good for your website or not. Just keep making your website better, and one day you’ll reap the rewards. You will find that the more your website improves, the more sales you will make.

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