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Brad Callen’s SEOLinkVine – A Critical Review

Seo link vine is a new link building tool by Matt Callen, Is it better than MyArticleNetwork? You can learn more about it on Vita Vee’s Internet marketing forum.

It’s probably impossible to have not heard any hype at all about Brad Callen’s new SEOLinkVine program. Brad and Mark Callen are brothers. MyArticleNetwork and Article Marketing Automation are popular programs created by Mark. SEOLinkVine has a lot in common with Mark’s software. You may be familiar with the Beta testers who are raving about Brad’s program and what the possibilities are for online business. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on this and do our very own reviews after seeing what the Beta testers said.

There’s a lot more involved with SEOLinkVine than merely submitting articles to directories. It contains a spinner that will automatically spin your content and it to the SEOLinkVine content network, according to the right tags you specify. This means that each submission will be unique. Most of the other article submission programs out there will simply submit your article, as is, to as many directories as possible which can cause your same article to appear all over the internet and, potentially, get dinged for being duplicate content or spam. You can avoid such problems with SEOLinkVine. Blog owners and rich content sites will be the recipients of your content. These site owners benefit because they are getting content to fill their site’s pages. You benefit because your work is getting seen all over the web and it is linking back to you. The additional links to your site will also be a big plus for you. Internet marketers will always say you’ll be better with the more exposure you get.

Seo Linkvine – Can it really help you get high ranking on Google?

But you should know that SEOLinkVine will not allow you to build your backlinks too fast. Most other submission software will simply blast out your work to as many sites as will take it-all at once. If you wanted you can get hundreds if not thousands of backlinks in a day, or hours. The search engines will see this as a flag, and your site could end up receiving position penalties. Your link building will look very natural with SEOLinkVine because the submissions will be spread out over time. If you’re an SEO veteran, you’ve probably heard it all and maybe seen it all. To be fair and honest… software applications to syndicate or publish content is not a new kid on the block. This product does not promise to make you millions in sales overnight.

In fact, the creators are pretty up front that you have to do a fair amount of work yourself if you truly want to benefit from this software. If you use SEOLinkVine properly, and you do whatever work is necessary – you’ll build a solid, respectable, and profitable IM business.

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