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Blogging Can be a Big Benefit for Internet Marketers

Blogging is catching on as a way to gain a competitive advantage, this is even recognized by new internet marketers. Obviously, you already know what blogging is. You might already spend a lot of time online reading blogs. Why haven’t you started your own blog yet? They are much quicker to get started with than with traditional websites. Plus if you are working with a small budget then blogging is the ideal method to see fast growth. There is no simpler way to set up a site than by using a blog. This is one of the few methods that has no bad side or risks involved. Blogging can go advanced but is effective even at the beginner’s level. I guess you can tell that I am enthusiastic about blogging. Following is what you need to know concerning blogging.

Blogs can provide you with ways to build up your online income. As your blog becomes more popular, you may find people contacting to you sponsor specific blog posts you’ve published. You can decide what rate you might want to charge a sponsor to have his or her product or service mentioned in your posts’ header area or footer area. You might prefer to keep those same blog posts to yourself to promote your own products or services. Think about accepting two sponsored blog posts every week for $30 a post. That could represent a pay rise of $240 a month for you. Imagine what it could do to your cash flow if you sold ad space on every single blog post you publish, 5 days a week. That could represent an additional $150 a week, or $600 per month from your blogging activities. The opportunities for sponsorship are enormous.

By providing exceptional content on your blog you ell be able to start a paid newsletter that people want to sign up to. You don’t have to charge a lot of money for your subscription. Even $1-$2 dollars per subscriber can add up. Now, you’ve decided to create two newsletters a month and charge $1 for each mailing. There are 150 interested in your newsletter. For only a small amount of work each week you have just added $300 per month to your bank account. Smart Internet Marketers understand the importance of taking these simple methods and implementing them.

You can also use blogging to create more links to other sites you own. Some people will advise that you should have a separate blog for each product, but you can use one blog to promote them all in the same place. By using sidebar, post footer and header ads, it’s easy to link to several products and sales pages. The links you place on your blog will become back-links to those sales pages, which can raise the search engine rankings for them. You’ll also be increasing your authority with sites such as technorati and alexa, which could be important if you ever decide you want to sell your sites.

By the way, blogging goes much deeper than this. I’m convinced now that are starting to see parts of the “bigger picture” when it comes to blogging. Always stay alert for ways to increase your bottom line, this can mean the difference between success and failure in the online world. Blogging is one of the ways of accomplishing this. It’s not all about the money; blogging is fun. Hey, whoever said that you can’t have fun while making money? Blogging = fun and money.

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