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Ajeev Seegobin, Director of Customer Success, EMEA

I have worked with Stuart for several years in the webcasting field and I have to conclude that he is indeed a rare find. So entirely dedicated to providing top quality customer service, he consistently works evenings, weekends and even during time he has booked off as holiday! His number one goal at all times is to keep clients happy… and it shows; the praise he recieves for always bringing projects in on time, his pro-active approach to guiding and advising clients and the quality of work he outputs. It’s no wonder he is so heavily requested by our clients to project manage their events!

Stuart is truly a jack of all trades as well. Coding custom web pages, eBooks and websites is second nature, but he is equally at ease dealing and coordinating production teams for large video events, or providing training to clients so they can further customise their own webcast events. Naturally, Stuart is a team player, always willing to help any of his colleauges and happy to impart knowledge in the process. Likewise, he is also completely self sufficient and needs no prompting; he succesfully runs several of his own businesses and manages them and all the responsibilities with impeccable finesse.

Stuart is a true asset and working with him simply makes YOUR life easier! He can be totally trusted with many complex projects as he will always ask for help where needed, will provide status updates as necessary, ensure projects are coming in on budget/contract, all the while with a great sense of humour and a friendly smile!

It is always an absolute pleasure to work with Stuart.

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