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Advertising Your Online Shop on the Web

Many e-commerce businesses advertise on the web, with great success, using the numerous free advertising sites, audience targeted content sites or even E-Bay. It is a great way to put your products or services in front of a worldwide audience just so long as you can compose an advert that is engaging, informative, easy to read, fulfills a need for people and is pitched to the right audience.

Also before you place any advert it is always worth reading similar ads to see if you can pick up any ideas about size, content and layout, you can be sure that large well known companies will have used a professional advertising agency so their ads alone are well worth looking at. Don’t forget to thoroughly read and understand the site’s terms and conditions so that you don’t do anything to get your advert banned. Listed below are a few useful pointers to placing the perfect online e-commerce advert.

Choose the Correct Category

Before you even begin to post your advert take a good scout round the site to see which category suits your particular online shop. Selecting the right category is very important because it will help people searching the site to find you. In certain instances you may even find it appropriate to place your ad in more than one category.

Create a Good Title

A good title for your advert is rather like a good title for a book. You wouldn’t pick up a book with a really boring title any more than you would be tempted by an ad with a poor title. In order to stand out and give yourself an edge you need to think about what makes your shop special and then distill that into a short space. Avoid meaningless or vague terms and stick to a factual or precise description. Remember the most important thing is to create interest and this can be done with a clever or intriguing title.

Write a Description

This can often be the hardest part of composing an advert. You need to put yourself in the site visitor’s shoes and imagine what you would need to know before you became hooked. Description should tell the reader as much about your products as possible. Write enthusiastically leaving the reader in no doubt about the desirability of what you have to offer.

It is vital to be honest– this way you reduce the risk of returns or disappointment. Try to be detailed and descriptive and, where appropriate, give lots of information about the products that you are selling.

Use Good Photos

If at all possible include at least one good clear photograph in your advert. It’s well known that site users are always initially attracted to a visual rather than text description. People don’t get the chance to handle or examine an item for sale until they receive it so by providing a detailed picture you are allowing them the opportunity of seeing the item online, in detail.

DON’T use blurred, out of focus photos taken from peculiar angles, you need to consider above all what the buyer wants to see. Do bear in mind that the setting and background of the image are also very important. It is best to photograph smaller items against a blank background, using a sheet, cloth or even paper to make your item stand out.

Contact Details

Site users who are looking to buy online are always more comfortable dealing with an advertiser who provides plenty of contact details, including a phone number. The latter in particular encourages people to make further enquiries.

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