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Spin Your Articles, But With Great Care

In case you ended up reading this article out of utter confusion concerning the title, let me begin by answering your query. What is the point of article spinning?

We sometimes spin articles so that we can obtain more benefit as a result of the effort that we put into producing an excellent piece of web writing. We want to minimize the same article appearing on a large number of sites, due to the fact that content that is too similar will not be of any value to anyone involved in the distribution and consumption chain. Our prospective readers certainly do not want to repeatedly find the same article, the websites face the possibility of receiving no value from a duplicate article because the major search engines try to avoid showing the same article multiple times in any set of results for a given search by a user and we, as Internet marketers, in turn have no chance of getting all the visitors or the search engine optimization (SEO) value through our links that we could have have received from entirely fresh content.

Spinning is simply rewriting the article, one bit of content at a time, and then using software to randomly select from the alternatives that we have written for each section to construct a large number of unique articles from our original version combined with our alternatives. We can offer alternatives for entire paragraphs, for complete sentences, for phrases of a few words or for separate words. We can even code our spinning in such a way so that some versions of the resulting articles may have six paragraphs while other have eight, for example.

A technique that most good spinning software options permit is called nested spinning. That is simply placing alternatives within other alternatives. For example, let’s use this as my first sentence: “I adore my new green hat.” I could rewrite two substitutions for that. The first might be, “I surely love my green hat that I bought recently.” A second alternative could be broken into two sentences to achieve even more variety. “I purchased a new hat not long ago. It’s a very cheery bright green.” When these are presented to my spinning software, it will randomly choose one of the three alternatives for each of the many article versions that it provides.

I can provide more alternatives by using nested spinning for each of those options that I have so far created. I’ll just use the third alternative for a quick example of how this works. I could provide a rewritten version of the words, “purchased a new hat” to “bought a new cap.” I could also provide an alternative to “not long ago.” That might become, “a short while ago.” In other words options are nested inside other options.

The more alternatives you provide for the computer software, the more versions you will have that are sufficiently different from each other. Many article marketers believe that the versions should differ from each other by at least 20%, some say 25%, and I usually shoot for a minimum factor of uniqueness of around 30% to 35%. (I use additional software to measure this factor.

Here are a couple slightly different approaches to make the best use of your article spinning.

Method 1: Rewrite every paragraph one time (two would be even better). Use nested spinning by now rewriting each sentence in each alternative of each paragraph once. Next, add one more level of nesting by providing alternatives to certain words and phrases in the first two paragraphs and in the last paragraph.

Method 2: Rewrite every sentence in the entire article one time. Go back to the beginning of the article. Provide one more rewritten version of each sentence in the first, second and last paragraphs. Using nesting, provide alternative words and phrases for each of the alternative sentences in the first several paragraphs and that last paragraph. Also provide some alternatives for selected words and phrases in those middle paragraphs.

The first approach is better, especially if you have a high standard of uniqueness that you want to achieve or if you want to generate a large number of unique articles. While not as thorough, the second method is faster to prepare.

If you decide to hire a professional article spinning company, you should be certain that the service will follow these general recommendations. Perhaps you may want to send them a link to this article.

One final tip: Make sure that the titles of your various versions are even more thoroughly spun that the articles themselves. In terms of the liklihood of initially attracting a reader and in terms of search engine evaluation, the title is extremely important.

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