How to Use Import Products Wizard in Store Manager for Zen Cart

Probably you already are a happy user of Store Manager for Zen Cart. Or maybe you've just started using it or consider this. You probably look for more detailed information about this software and its functionality. Than this article is what you're looking for. We will talk about product import - one of the complicated procedures in Store Manager.

This feature is for advanced Store Manager users. Import/Export wizard of Store Manager for Zen Cart allows you to import your data from any .csv file into Store Manager. Carefully follow the instructions given in Zen Cart Import Wizard on every page as you proceed with product import. Import is rather complicated procedure and it may be destructive if performed incorrectly. Thus, you have to create database backup before products import, especially if you do it for the first time.
Before you start Import/Export Wizard first thing you need to do is to prepare .csv file for import. You have to make sure it contains all necessary fields and all data you are going to import is listed in tables. After your csv file is ready choose import from the options available in Import/Expord wizard. Then specify the .csv file path and name or use browse button to select one. You can also load import settings to avoid configuring it each time you want to import products from a .csv file.
If everything is correct you can proceed to Source file preview which shows a part of .csv file selected to import. Here you should pay special attention to delimiters and enclosure. It's enough to look through the first line of the file to see whether some words are enclosed in quotes (") and are separated by comma (,) symbol. You will need these details in the next step.

Select fields delimiter and quote character. Delimiter character is used to separate one column from another. If incorrect delimiter is specified, file will not be parsed properly and products will not be imported. Quote string values delimiter will be used to separate strings in .csv file. If none are used, it can be disabled. Category delimiter character is used to separate category names and specify full category tree path for given category. Please note that if you specify the wrong values import may not work.

Link columns from .csv file to appropriate database fields. Tick the check box if the first row of your .csv file contains not values but field names. Select the appropriate Products Identification Method - import wizard will search for a product using selected method of identification. If the products is found it will be modified, if not - new product will be added.
Please note that it is recommended to use Product Name + Model to identify your products. Here are two panes: "Database fields" and ".csv File Columns". "Database Fields" pane displays the list of fields in your database that can receive import data. It is required to assign .csv columns to key fields. In order to do that you should select a field at the left pane and then click a column at the right pane.
You can set correspondence automatically for all fields using "Auto set..." option. But this option will work only if .csv column name is the same as database field name.

Next step - Base Formats and Separators. This step enables you to convert text values from .csv file to numerical and date values. You can easily set default values using the corresponding button. Import Preview allows you to see how .csv file was processed using import settings, which you specified at previous steps. Columns which were not assigned will not be imported due to the fact that empty values will overwrite existing.

Import Options settings may influence import results if not chosen correctly. It enables you to: choose import method, save import settings for future reference, etc. After you've got everything set and ready - press Import to start. When import process is completed you can view database details and errors which took place during product import (if there were any).
This might seem a bit complicated but each step of the wizard has very detailed description and instructions. If you follow them carefully your Zen Cart product import will be sucessfull.
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