How to Make Engine Optimization Work For Your Zen Cart Site

Just like any other business on the web, your Zen Cart site should also aim for the highest possible ranking on the search engines. In order to do this, your site will need sound search engine optimization, also known as SEO. It is effective SEO that helps a new e-commerce site in its struggle to be on the top 10 of search results, preferably number one. It is important therefore that your Zen Cart site ranks well on the search results in order to overtake the tough competition that is out there waiting to steal a march on your business.

Once you start getting a better position on the search engines than your competitors, you are guaranteed a better and more lucrative online business; after all without a proper amount of visitors you won’t be selling enough products to make your site worthwhile. So just how can you get your Zen Cart site listed at the top of the search engines' page results?

Well if you want to successfully optimise your site, you have to remember four important things which will determine whether you will be able to achieve a higher ranking on the search engines. These factors will be the key to taking your e-commerce site to the top of the search results and these are as follows.

Make sure your site is not breaking any rules and is properly constructed following Google’s latest guidelines. It is worth getting your designer to run a simple online test to make sure that your site is compliant, especially if it has been built for a while or with disregard for the latest search engine requirements.

Include a title tag and mets tags that contains targeted keywords and key phrases that are highly relevant to your particular niche.

Put plenty of regular, well written and valuable web content on your site that also contains targeted keywords and key phrases which are then used as hyperlinks throughout your site.

Be sure to get plenty of relevant incoming links from other targeted websites. Don’t use link farms or swap links with sites that have a low page rank or are nothing to do with your type of site; Google in particular is not impressed with this particular scenario. For example there is no advantage to be gained by linking a site selling luxury cashmere with a horse racing tips site.

Basically, the elements mentioned above are the same elements that you will find for the search engine optimisation process for any site on the web. The basic rule is those that do it well and follow the latest guidelines are much more likely to succeed and move up the rankings. The fact is that your Zen Cart site needs the same things that other websites need if it is to do remotely well.

All the search engines, but especially Google, define a search engine friendly site as one that can be easily ‘spidered’ or crawled, this way your site is going to be easily indexed and so it more likely to get in the first ten sites showing under the search terms you want. Apart from the factors mentioned above, it is worth considering how else you can make your online business more attractive for the search engines. Other good ways to improve your position are putting a site map on your site, joining social network groups such as Facebook and Twitter and submitting articles containing your URL to article sites such as

If you have the time and inclination you could also set up content rich mini sites or blogs that then send text links to your Zen Cart sites, however although this can be very effective in the long term it does require quite a lot of time and commitment initially before you see a result.

Now that you know how to make your e-commerce site more search engine friendly, you can start your optimisation process by checking how search engine friendly your site is currently by doing a search on Google. To check, key in on the search box. Google will immediately display the pages of your website it has already indexed. The more results showing the more likely you are to start climbing those rankings.

To evaluate the result check if Google has given you a page result containing all the web pages of your site or whether Google has given you an incomplete result. The latter means there are still pages in your website that are not included therefore your site is not totally search engine friendly. This indicates that you need to do something about it – the sooner the better.

The key to getting a high ranking for your Zen Cart site on the search engines is always about making sure that it is more search engine friendly than your competitors and the one very simple, yet effective, process to go about that is through a dedicated and ongoing programme of search engine optimisation!

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