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If you own an E-Commerce site, the most important issue with regards to your visitors is getting them to convert into a sale. Increasing your conversion rate is a difficult business, as there are so many factors in the mind of the customer before they buy a product from your website. Aside from the usability of your website, the most important factor is one which is sometimes hard to convey - trust. How can your visitors trust that your website is genuine and realise that you are a legitimate trader?

Examples of some verified ShopperGuard seals

ShopperGuard Third Party Verification

Well, the answer is third party verification. That is, an external company telling your visitors that you are indeed who you say you are. That is where ShopperGuard comes in... provide website verification seals to website owners who want to show their visitors that that have been independently confirmed as being a real and authentic business.

Increase your conversion rate by up to 20%!

ShopperGuard utilise the power of Experian to carry out a number of checks against a company, and the person behind it, as well as making sure their website has a robust Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. As soon as these checks are completed, usually within 24 hours, the website owner is then able to login to his account and download a ShopperGuard verified seal for their website.

A screenshot of ShopperGuard in action and some of our spokesmodels

A Real-Life Video Spokesmodel

However, not only does the user get to choose which seal they would like, they also have the added bonus of having the ability to have a real-life video spokesmodel walk onto their website and tell their visitors that they are a genuine business! ShopperGuard have a number of spokesmodels that the owner can chose from (American, British, male, female); similarly you can choose what the real-life person says, as you are provided with up to 6 pre-determined scripts. You can also place the person on any part or any page of your website - therefore, if you're wanting to let users know that they should have no worries about entering details on this page (the checkout) - you can do that too!

"70% of shoppers only use sites that
display a security protection seal"[IBM]

From experience, you will find that there is nothing more reassuring than a real life person coming on your website in order to tell you that the website is safe and secure - and obviously, this can help improve your conversion rate. Statistics show that, in some cases, conversions have increased by up to 20% - which is a phenominal rise - just going to show the power of what video can now do if it is utilised on your website.

See how much you're losing right now!

It really is a great service, and if you visit the ShopperGuard home page, you can even type in your monthly sales and conversion rate of your existing E-Commerce site, and see how much money you could be making (or, should I say, money you are currently LOSING!) with their Conversion Calculator.

Also, try typing in your URL in the box below, and you can actually see what ShopperGuard would look like on your website. Just tap in your website address and click Preview - you can drag the ShopperGuard seal to where you would like it positioned, and also, why not try out the different styles of seals and the different spokesmodels too (you can do this using the red bar at the top!).

Try ShopperGuard on your website!

Type in your website address below to see what ShopperGuard will look like on your site. You can even drag the seal to any position you choose...

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