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Industry Blogs

Online Myths and Moneymaking

Let’s face it there is so much online advice out there on how to build a successful moneymaking ecommerce site that you would be excused for being totally confused. This is because much of the advice given is conflicting and at times just plain inaccurate. While some of the advice is helpful and indeed useful, […]

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Revealing the Secrets of Running a Money Making Online Store

Although once established, with plenty of daily visitors, and generally considered almost a license to print money, the fact is that setting up and then running an online store is never as easy as it first appears. Indeed most of today’s thriving and successful online stores were probably the end result of much hard work, […]

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How Being Innovative Can Dramatically Increase Online Sales

Online retailing not only has immense potential to produce more or less instant wealth for those who are prepared to work hard the good news is that this potential has recently put on a huge growth spurt. Recent retail statistics prove that more and more people are now choosing to shop online rather than climb […]

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How to Stay Motivated Online and Avoid Money Making Scams

During the daily grind of getting through this current economic tsunami, staying motivated with any online business can be quite difficult and at times almost seems impossible. There are the regular monotonous tasks you would rather not do, there are unexpected technical situations that can create havoc and then, to cap it all, there are […]

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Why Having a Dynamic Website is Vital for Commercial Success

Even if a business is not yet involved in e-commerce, all businesses these days need to own a website, it is almost impossible for even the smallest company to look professional without some sort of web presence. Therefore it is really important to have an attractive, easy to read, easy to navigate and above all […]

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How to Make Engine Optimization Work For Your Zen Cart Site

Just like any other business on the web, your Zen Cart site should also aim for the highest possible ranking on the search engines. In order to do this, your site will need sound search engine optimization, also known as SEO. It is effective SEO that helps a new e-commerce site in its struggle to […]

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How to Choose the Right Web Designer For Your Zen Cart Site

If you go on to Google and conduct a search for ‘web designers’ you will find in excess of 22,000,000 results for that search term. Confused? Don’t worry you are not alone. While there are countless reputable web designers, it must be said that there are just as many, if not more, completely incapable people […]

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Use More Effective Way to Manage Zen Cart Attributes, Products and Categories

Among various software that extends functionality of the Zen Cart shopping cart there are modules and addons that help with store owners specific needs. Usually it takes time to browse over the Internet in search of the program, compare the prices, read the reviews. Its like puttinf pieces of a puzzle together in order to […]

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How to Use Import Products Wizard in Store Manager for Zen Cart

Probably you already are a happy user of Store Manager for Zen Cart. Or maybe you've just started using it or consider this. You probably look for more detailed information about this software and its functionality. Than this article is what you're looking for. We will talk about product import - one of the complicated […]

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The Art and Science of Writing AdWords Ads

Actually, there's a lot more going on underneath the surface with effective AdWords ad copy. You don't get a lot of room to work with in any PPC ad format as the ad lengths are pretty standard. You do need to understand and know why things are done a certain way, as well as knowing […]

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