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Industry Blogs

The Importance of Keyword Research and Analysis

Recently i met with a business owner that sells manufactured houses (better known as mobile houses). The company is established and has respectable branding, but lacks a Web site (thus the reason I was there). Initial meetings with our prospective clients commonly include a substantial amount of investigation into the business, their primary target audience, […]

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Why Small Businesses Can Benefit From Investing in E-Commerce Packages

Nearly any small business can benefit these days from investing in a reliable e-commerce package such as Zen Cart. This is because the Internet has created a worldwide giant-sized virtual shopping mall that virtually every conceivable retailer can be a part of and benefit from the ever growing online market. E-commerce is the ultimate multi-marketing […]

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Three Tips for Your Website Strategy

This is surely not a detailed website strategy, but here are three great suggestions that will set a great foundation for the growth of your website . Step One – Build a Set of Keywords Focused on Benefits Your Visitors Want

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What are Wholesale Prices?

When you hear the words "wholesale price" do you  expect to see  50% off the retail price? It's no surprise if you do, as there are so many sources out there telling us that this is what wholesale is. For example, electronics stores selling  consumer products  make as little as 10% from each sale. It's […]

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Tips for Starting an Online Business

There isn't a person alive who doesn't wonder if they should start their own business. Most people just think about it and never do anything about it. However, there have been many technological changes in recent years which allow almost anyone to start their own business. You are even able to open a business all […]

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Dissecting The Benefits of GetResponse Autoresponder Service

When choosing a service it is important to make sure that it is the best choice for your business. Automation is a very important part of running an online business and there are many services that claim to be able to help you do it. Sadly, the large majority of what these services offer is […]

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Get The Highest ROI from Your PPC Campaigns

Understanding how to use ppc marketing There is no faster way to generate targeted website traffic than pay per click advertising. The kind of traffic you can get with PPC is also the kind that is easy to convert into buyers, since you can target it very precisely. If you want to profit with PPC, […]

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Face Fewer Competitors by Taking Advantage of Long Tail Keywords

If you wish to do well in Internet marketing, you need to be savvy with keyword research. While there are many ways to market out there, knowing the right keywords is essential to any plan. This is the life blood of marketing on the internet. First find your target market or niche to get started. […]

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How To Choose Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting can be a great choice for those wanting to dip their foot in the water as a website owner. But if you are really thinking of setting up an online business with the intention of making money from it, you might want something a bit more comprehensive than what free hosting can […]

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SEO Tips and Tricks You Can Use On Your Next Project

You can often be daunted by the demands that SEO makes on you. Besides, you can get dizzy figuring out all the different ways that search engines try to gauge your site’s quality. Within a few months, the page ranks shift. So what you worked so hard to accomplish this month may be much further […]

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